TROPT Data Privacy Week 2022

Privacy Tech is Sexy How We Closed Our Funding Rounds

Innovating at the Point of Data Collection

Innovative CPOs on Their Biggest Technical Privacy Pain Points

Previewing the Possibilities of Privacy-as-Code

Progress and Pitfalls on the Path to Decentralization

Solving Privacy Problems with Synthetic Data

Privacy Tech for Automated Data Access and Policy Enforcement at Scale

Innovating at the Point of Data Collection

The Need for No-Code, Automated & Easy-To-Implement Privacy Tech Solutions

Noncompliant or “Too Compliant”? Common Mistakes in Privacy Tech Implementations

Should Privacy Tech Startups Think of Their Privacy Program Like a Product?

Privacy Challenges & Opportunities in Web 3.0 & the Metaverse

Innovating in Privacy Communications

Indian Data Protection Law + Privacy Tech Landscape

Innovating in Privacy Communications

Indian Data Protection Law + Privacy Tech Landscape

TROPT Research

TROPT Defining the Privacy Tech Landscape Whitepaper 2021

In this foundational whitepaper, we define and categorize privacy tech, introducing the TROPT Privacy Tech Stack. We share insights from survey responses, interviews, and quotes from privacy tech key players–founders, investors, domain experts, and user-buyers. We then provide recommendations for how key players can help fuel the privacy tech space.

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TROPT Webcast Series

Consumer Privacy-First

Defining Privacy Tech Series: Privacy Tech Comms

Defining Privacy Tech Series: Implementing Privacy Tech in Practice

Defining Privacy Tech Series: Privacy Tech in Decentralized Ledger Tech (DLT)

Defining Privacy Tech Series: Privacy Tech for Vendor Management

Defining Privacy Tech Series: Privacy Tech for Developers

Building open-source developer privacy tech tools (w/ Ethyca CEO Cillian Kieran)

In this episode of the TROPT Webcast,  TROPT founder and webcast host Lourdes Turrecha has a one-on-one conversation with Ethyca CEO Cillian Kieran who shares the vision behind Fides, Ethyca’s just-released set of open-source developer privacy tech tools. Cillian and Lourdes will explore the privacy taxonomy and ontology that underlie the Fides toolset, and discuss some of the use cases where Fides’ tools can add value for privacy teams’ workflows. Browse the Fides repository to bring your privacy engineering questions to the webcast! 

Privacy Tech Women Leaders

To celebrate Womens History Month​, Lourdes M. Turrecha (The Rise of Privacy Tech Founder) will be featuring trailblazing privacy tech female founders: Michelle Finneran-Dennedy (Zen Data Privacy CEO & Cofounder), Arti Raman (Titaniam CEO & Founder), and Leila Golchehreh ( co-CEO & Cofounder).

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The Privacy Tech Landscape

TROPT Founder, Lourdes M. Turrecha, brings on TROPT advisors, Michelle Finneran-Dennedy (CEO, The iDennedy Project) and Melanie Ensign (CEO, Discernible, Inc.) as the first guests of the series. Join TROPT leaders discuss the privacy tech landscape, pulling from their combined decades of privacy expertise plus their current work as operators, advisors, and consultants to privacy tech startups.

TROPT Data Privacy Day 2021

The Latest in Privacy Engineering

Carnegie Mellon University CyLab Director Lorrie Cranor and Transcend CEO Ben Brook chat about the latest in privacy engineering

Safe Analytics

Jason du Preez (Privitar CEO) and Vivienne Artz (Refinitiv CPO) explore safe analytics in this fireside chat at The Rise of Privacy Tech’s Data Privacy Day 2021 event.

The Marketplace Demand for Privacy

Lourdes M. Turrecha (The Rise of Privacy Tech Founder) and Ben Moskowitz (Consumer Reports Digital Lab Director) discuss the marketplace demand for privacy.

The Latest in Consumer Privacy Tech

Anonyome Labs, Inc.’s Paul Ashley, Ph.D., Tapmydata’s Gilbert Hill, and Confidently’s Brent Blackaby explore the latest in consumer privacy tech from at The Rise of Privacy Tech’s Data Privacy Day 2021 event.

Privacy Messaging That Resonates

Melanie Ensign (Discernible Inc. CEO) & Patience Haggin (The Wall Street Journal Reporter) talk about privacy messaging that resonates, covering: 1) why privacy communications matters, 2) why privacy-washing is bad for everyone, and 3) narratives that do/don’t work.

Demonstrating Privacy’s Value

Michelle Finneran-Dennedy (Zen Data Privacy CEO & Co-Founder and John Gevertz (Visa CPO) share how they’ve demonstrated privacy’s value in different contexts, including to customers, partners, board members, investors, shareholders, etc.

Global Privacy Control

Global Privacy Control creators and founding members, The New York Times’ Robin Berjon, Brave Software’s Pete Snyder, and Wesleyan University’s Sebastian Zimmeck, discussed the creation of the GPC standard at The Rise of Privacy Tech’s Data Privacy Day 2021.

Privacy at the Board Level

Lourdes M. Turrecha (Founder, The Rise of Privacy Tech), Chenxi Wang (GP, Rain Capital Managing), and Keith Enright (CPO, Google) share insights and discuss trends on the rise of privacy board-level discussions at The Rise of Privacy Tech’s Data Privacy Day 2021.

Leveraging Privacy by Design in Building Privacy Tech

Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Executive Director of the Global Privacy & Security Design Centre, shares her insights on how to leverage privacy by design in building privacy tech.

Fueling Privacy Tech Startups With Privacy Expertise

Ray Everrett (Data Secrets Co-Founder & Chief Privacy Intelligence Officer), Debra J Farber (The Rise of Privacy Tech Advisor) & R. Jason Cronk (Enterprivacy Consulting CEO) teamed up to share insights on how privacy tech founders can leverage the existing wealth of privacy expertise to fuel their startups.

Corporate VCs Investing in Privacy Tech

Schuyler Moore leads a discussion with M12 – Microsoft’s Venture Fund’s Lee Feldman, In-Q-Tel’s Morgan Mahlock & Okta, Inc. Ventures’ Austin Arensberg on why corporate VCs are investing in privacy tech at The Rise of Privacy Tech’s Data Privacy Day 2021 event.

Solving for Vendor Privacy Gaps

Debbie Reynolds Consulting, LLC’s CEO Debbie Reynolds leaded the discussion with Transcend’s CEO & Co-founder Ben Brook and Workday’s CPO Barbara Consgrove on solving for vendor privacy gaps at The Rise of Privacy Tech’s Data Privacy Day 2021 event.

Privacy Laws Fueling Privacy Tech

Truata Chief Privacy Officer and Chief of Product Innovation Aoife Sexton, Safeporter CEO Shoshana Rosenberg, and Visa Senior Counsel Laura Hamady explore how privacy laws are fueling privacy tech.

Why Startups Need to Prioritize Privacy Before IPO

The Rise of Privacy Tech advisor & Okta, Inc. Senior Corporate Counsel – Privacy & Product Fatima Khan, Orrick Partner Shannon Yavorsky, and Cooley LLP Partner Adam Connolly go over why startups need to prioritize privacy before IPO.

Selling Privacy Products and Features to Businesses

New to selling privacy features and products to businesses? Learn directly from B2B privacy tech customers AND seasoned privacy experts–incoming RingCentral CPO Paola Zeni & ServiceNow Director of Privacy Kumneger (Kim) Emiru.

4 Predictions for Data Privacy in the Year Ahead

Privitar Vice President Nick Curcuru talk about his valuable experience in the privacy tech market and share data privacy predictions for the year ahead.

Promising Privacy Enhancing Technologies

Inpher’s Senior Privacy Counsel Sunny Seon Kang, MOSTLY AI’s Founder Michael Platzer, and Synth’s Co-CEO Nodar Daneliya explore promising Privacy Enhancing Technologies.

TROPT Data Privacy Day 2021

Communications Bootcamp for Privacy Tech Startups

Our TROPT advisor and Discernible, Inc.’s Founder & CEO, Melanie Ensign held “Communications Bootcamp for Privacy Tech Startups” at TROPT Virtual Summit 2020.

Fundraising & Investing in the Privacy Tech

TROPT Founder, Lourdes M. Turrecha; Bessemer Venture Partners VP, Mary D’Onofrio; Privitar CEO, Jason du Preez; Omidyar Network Investor, Jesús Salas; and Transcend CEO, Ben Brook discuss fundraising & investing in the privacy tech at the inaugural TROPT Virtual Summit 2020.

Privacy & Legal Pitfalls in Privacy Tech

Trying to navigate the privacy tech​ landscape & avoid privacy, legal, and policy pitfalls? TROPT Founder, Lourdes M. Turrecha and Future of Privacy’s Jules Polonetsky; PrivacyHQ’s & Intuit’s Andy Roth, Fatima Khan, and TrustArc’s Hilary Wandall speak about Privacy & Legal Pitfalls in Privacy Tech at the TROPT Virtual Summit 2020 Panel 2.

Privacy Engineering & Privacy in the COVID-19 Age

Building privacy tech in the middle of this pandemic? TROPT Founder, Lourdes M. Turrecha and DrumWave’s Michelle Finneran-Dennedy, CyLab’s Lorrie Cranor, and Inrupt’s Davi Ottenheimer explore the role of privacy engineering in the privacy tech landscape, from the COVID-19 use case at the TROPT Virtual Summit 2020.