What is TROPT Innovators ?

TROPT Innovators is the only privacy tech membership program, built for privacy tech key players who want year-round involvement in the privacy tech community.

  • Define and categorize the privacy tech industry, and conduct related industry research
  • Engage, connect, and build relationships between privacy tech founders, investors, expert-advisors, user-buyers, and advocates
  • Educate and spread awareness on the latest in privacy tech and innovation
  • Fuel privacy tech and innovation
Who is TROPT Innovators for?
TROPT Innovators is for privacy tech startups, investors, corporate innovators, and individuals.
What are the different TROPT Innovators tiers?
TROPT Innovators is split into five (5) tiers. 
There are four (4)  organizational tiers: Early Stage, Supporter, Advocate, and Ambassador. The Early Stage tier is only for pre-seed and seed stage privacy tech startups. Series A and later privacy tech startups are only eligible for the Supporter, Advocate, and Ambassador tiers.
There are two (2) individual tiers: Evangelist (for privacy domain experts) and Champion (for privacy tech advocates)
How much does TROPT Innovators cost?

For individual tiers: The Champion tier costs five hundred U.S. dollars (500 USD). The Evangelist tier costs three thousand and five hundred U.S. dollars (3,500 USD). 

For organizational tiers: The Early Stage tier costs five thousand U.S. dollars (5,000 USD). Supporter, Advocate, and Ambassador tiers pricing depends on several factors, including: the type of organization (e.g. startup, VC firm, corporate innovator), the size of the organization, their funding stage, and any negotiated additional perks they want, etc. 

How do I sign up for TROPT Innovators?

You can sign up online for the Champion, Evangelist, and Early Stage membership tiers. You can join the waitlist for the Supporter, Advocate, and Ambassador tiers.