TROPT Data Privacy Week 2023

January 24-25, 2023

TROPT Data Privacy Week 2023 is the first and only Data Privacy Week event focused on exploring, amplifying, and spreading awareness of the latest in privacy tech and innovation.

This event will take place on January 24-25, 2023 in an interactive format that makes it easy for anyone interested to participate from anywhere – in your office or home.

Leading privacy tech leaders will punctuate the day with keynotes and discussions on the future of privacy innovation.

For information about how we handle attendees’ personal information, please check our Privacy Statement.

What will the event look like?

TROPT Data Privacy Week 2023 will be structured around interactive sessions and roundtables. Participants will be able to talk directly with their peers, Founders/CEOs, VCs, CPOs, and other CXOS about the latest in privacy innovation and the future of privacy tech.

  • TROPT Data Privacy Week Tracks
  • Privacy Tech Startup Founding & Funding
  • Founder & investor insights on how to raise funding or invest in privacy tech
  • Privacy Engineering
  • Privacy engineering developments signaling the rise of privacy innovation
  • Privacy Expert Developments
  • Privacy domain expert takes on pressing privacy problems ripe for innovation
  • The Future of Privacy Innovation
  • Developing trends in privacy tech (Shift Left Privacy, DevPrivOps, Web 3.0, etc.)