TROPT Privacy Tech Visionaries Circle FAQs

What is the “TROPT Visionaries”?

The TROPT Privacy Tech Visionaries Circle (or “TROPT Visionaries”) is an exclusive gathering of the privacy profession’s and the privacy tech industry’s innovative and forward-thinking leaders. 

Who are the TROPT Visionaries?

TROPT Visionaries is a group of 40 and counting:

  • Leading privacy domain experts (CPOs/DPOs/Heads of Privacy Engineering), privacy tech founders, investors, or board advisors;
  • Highly experienced, with at least 10 years (many have 15, 20, and 25 years!) of relevant combined expertise in the privacy, technology, cybersecurity, or data governance domains; and
  • Forward-thinking, early tech adopters, and innovative leaders.

We will periodically announce new TROPT Visionaries appointments.

Why the TROPT Visionaries?

The purpose of the TROPT Privacy Tech Visionaries Circle is to exchange privacy tech benchmarks, guidance, creative solutions, and market insights within a core group of leading privacy and privacy tech domain experts. The group will meet quarterly to discuss privacy tech trends, challenges, creatives solutions, and benchmarks. In other words, TROPT Visionaries further TROPT’s mission to fuel privacy tech and innovation.

How does one get appointed to the TROPT Visionaries?

TROPT Visionaries are appointed by other TROPT Visionaries members and approved by TROPT leadership. 

How do we find out more about the TROPT Visionaries?

We will share more about the TROPT Privacy Tech Visionaries Circle at the TROPT Privacy Tech Leaders Summit 2023 on June 12, 2023.