TROPT Privacy Tech Summit 2022

June 29, 2022

About THE TROPT Privacy Tech Summit 2022

Rosewood Sand Hill

June 29, 2022

The TROPT Summit 2022 is a moment of ignition for innovative privacy tech companies, investors, and domain experts. With a curated audience, a rigorous stage program, and illuminating in-person experiences, the event is designed to spark privacy innovation, privacy tech adoption, privacy engineering transformation, industry connection, and acceleration. 
We know attending the TROPT Summit 2022 is an investment, and you can count on us to provide all kinds of openings for true human connection that drives acceleration and collaboration. And as you’ve come to expect from TROPT and our previous events, we’re putting together a stage program of the most exceptional quality, substance, and rigor.  

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TROPT Summit 2022 Working Agenda

Main Stage Agenda (In-Person & Virtual)

8:00 am PT Fueling the Emerging Privacy Tech Industry
TROPT Founder, Lourdes M. Turrecha shares TROPT’s mission of fueling the emerging privacy tech industry and actionable ways privacy tech founders, investors, domain experts, and buyers can get involved. 
  • Lourdes M. Turrecha (TROPT Founder)

    8:30 am PT The Future of Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs)
    In this fireside chat between Kevin Riggle and Yan Michalevsky, the two technologists explore cutting edge privacy enhancing technologies (PETs)–from confidential computing and Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) to differential privacy and secure multi-party computation–and share their visions for the future of privacy tech & innovation.
    • Yan Michalevsky (Anjuna Security Co-Founder and CTO)
    • Kevin Riggle (Complex Systems Group, LLC Principal)

    9:30 am PT Tech CPOs on Innovating in Privacy
    Join leading tech CPOs discuss how their companies are innovating in privacy as they release new products and features. They cover specific privacy pain points that called for a privacy strategy beyond compliance; the specific brand, competitive advantage, and product privacy strategy they came up with; and the responsive products and features they rolled out to solve such privacy pain points.
    • Harvey Jang (Cisco CPO)
    • Emily Hancock (Cloudflare CPO)
    • Damien Kieran (Twitter CPO)
    • Krystal Bowen (Block CPO) 
    • Fatima Khan (Okta Director, Corporate Counsel, Privacy & Product)


    10:30 am PT Privacy Engineering Developments Fueling Privacy Tech
    Today’s top privacy engineers share privacy engineering developments that are fueling privacy tech, including advice for up-and-coming privacy tech vendors on how they could leverage the privacy engineering practice and domain in building their own companies.
    • Divya Sharma (Google Privacy Engineer)
    • Jayant Kohle (Stripe Head of Privacy (Engineering))
    • Dr. Sarah Lewis Cortes (Netflix Privacy Engineering)
    • Mary Berk (Bluestreak Product Advisors Consultant)

    11:30 am PT Fireside Keynote: Shifting Privacy Left with Privacy Code Scanners
    In this fireside chat, Privado Cofounder and CTO Prashant Mahajan talks to Principled LLC CEO, Debra Farber about the need to shift privacy left to developers. They cover the privacy problems that call for “shift left privacy,” specific use cases from privacy tech buyers, and how scanning code solves such privac​y problems and use cases at scale.
    • Debra J. Farber (Principled LLC CEO)
    • Prashant Mahajan (Privado Founder)
    12 noon PT BREAK
    1:30 pm PT The State of Privacy Tech Fundraising & Investing 
    Hear from the emerging privacy tech industry’s active Angel investors and VCs on privacy tech fundraising and investing trends and opportunities.
    • Shou Chen (IOVC GP)
    • Tom Kemp (Kemp Au Ventures Seed Investor)
    • Lourdes M. Turrecha (TROPT Founder and Angel investor)
    2:30 pm PT The World’s First CPOs on Privacy Executive & Board Leadership
    Join the world’s first CPOs and gain insights from their combined 100+ years of privacy leadership on how they created their own roles; effectively advocated for privacy budget for headcount, resources, and tools; navigated board reporting on their privacy initiatives; and secured their own board opportunities, including privacy tech advisory roles. 
    • Ray Everett (PrivacyClue Principal)
    • Michelle Finneran-Dennedy (PrivacyCode CEO & Co-Founder)
    • Barbara Lawler (The IAF COO & Sr Strategist)
    • John Gevertz (former Visa, ADP Global Chief Privacy Officer)
    3:15 pm PT TROPT Privacy Tech Visionaries Circle
    TROPT announces the inaugural TROPT Privacy Tech Visionaries Circle, an exclusive gathering of the privacy profession’s and the privacy tech industry’s innovative and forward-thinking leaders. TROPT Privacy Tech Visionaries are leading privacy domain experts and select privacy tech founders, investors, and advisors. They have deep expertise in the privacy, cybersecurity, data governance, and technology domains. Most notably, they are forward-thinkers, early tech adopters, and innovative leaders who have paved the way for others in the privacy and privacy tech space.
    • Nishant Bhajaria (Uber Director of Privacy Engineering)
    • Barbara Cosgrove (Workday Chief Privacy Officer)

    Interactive Sessions (Virtual)

    6:00am PT Differential Privacy in the Real World
    Explore potential use-cases of Differential Privacy in the real world and how one can achieve that.        
    • Chinmay Shah (OpenMined Differential Privacy Lead)
    6:30am PT Engineering Privacy into Privacy Tech
    Diving into Privacy Engineering? Just dipping in a toe? We’ll share 5 insider secrets that bridge the gap in Privacy Engineering.
    • Kristy Edwards (PrivacyCode, Inc. President and Co-founder)
    7:00am PT Standards, Codes of Conduct, and Certifications as Privacy Tech Sales Tools
    Using codes of conduct and certifications when selling services to enterprise clients can assuage them of security and privacy concerns, shorting the sales cycle.
    • R. Jason Cronk (EnterPrivacy Privacy Engineer)
    12:00pm PT Differential Privacy: Lessons for Enterprises from US Government Agencies
    The recent adoption of differential privacy at government agencies (such as the US Census Bureau and IRS) holds important lessons for how enterprises can use this emerging PET to expand data use and sharing. Using real case-studies we’ll review deployment challenges, policy-setting tactics, and assess outcomes and achieved benefits.
    • Gerome Miklau (Tumult Labs Founder & CEO)
    1:00pm PT Privacy Tech for Marketing: Confronting Marketing’s Greatest Fears with Privacy
    A frank discussion on how to enable marketing while ensuring privacy and the role of “Privacy Tech for Marketing” solutions.
    • Mark LeVell (4Thought Marketing CEO, Privacy & Marketing SAAS Specialist)
    3:00pm PT Job Hunting and Staffing in Privacy Tech
    A discussion on the job market in the emerging privacy tech industry, including which specific areas are hiring vs. not-hiring, how to break in vs. how to get noticed, and more.
    • Zachary Plotkin (Infinity Consulting Solutions Head of Compliance, Legal & Privacy/Fintech/Crypto/Cannabis Practice Area)
    • George Ratcliffe (Stott & May Head of Data Privacy, Executive Search)

      Networking Agenda (In-Person) 


      7 am PT Breakfast Networking
      12 noon PT Lunch Networking
      3:30 pm PT Cocktail Reception Networking

      Networking Agenda (Virtual)


      Check the TROPT Summit 2022’s Hopin page for virtual 1:1 and group networking opportunities scheduled throughout the day.

      Apply for in-person attendance

      The cost to attend in-person is $2,499. If you are a TROPT Innovators member, please check your email for special pricing at $999, a member-exclusive discount of $1500 (or 60% off). A credit card is required to submit your application, but we will refund the charge if your application is not approved.

      What to Expect

      We’re curating the in-person event in a very specific way: up to 400 select privacy tech key players in attendance will meet at the storied Rosewood Sand Hill, where Silicon Valley deals get done. In-person attendees will be as distinguished as those on stage. We are working to strategically curate the in-person attendance in line with TROPT’s mission to fuel privacy tech and innovation, with the following desired audience make-up:

      • Privacy domain leaders and privacy tech buyer-users (innovative CPOs, DPOs, privacy engineers, and leading privacy thinkers);
      • Privacy tech startup founders and operators;
      • Privacy tech investors;
      • Privacy tech researchers & academics; and
      • Privacy reporters and others.

      Please give yourself time to thoughtfully reply to the application questions.  We anticipate you’ll want to set aside 20 minutes to complete.

      All in-person applicants can expect to hear back from us on a rolling basis through May 30, 2022.

      If your application is not approved, please do not feel discouraged. We’re curating for a very specific attendee composition in a location with limited capacity. There will be many other opportunities for TROPT to support you and for us to collaborate on fueling privacy innovation.

      See Terms & Conditions.

      I’m attending

      We look forward to seeing you in-person at TROPT Summit 2022! Submit interest in being a featured speaker, book your room, and share that you’re attending with the links below. 

      Virtual tickets

      If you’re unable to join us in person, as a hybrid event, the TROPT Summit 2022 is uniquely designed for privacy tech key players in-person and their teams back home. If you and your team would like to experience the Summit sessions via our rich, immersive live stream, you may purchase tickets here.

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      A Word on Safety & Our COVID-19 Protocol

      We’re of course closely monitoring the emerging wisdom on health and safety vis-à-vis COVID-19, and have every precaution built into the event. If the COVID-19 situation forces us to postpone the event, your application will rollover to a newly scheduled date.

      Some of us remain worried about attending in-person events for various reasons: some have unvaccinated children, immunocompromised family members, or simply don’t feel comfortable attending in-person events without feeling secure about the COVID-19 protocols. We published our protocols to include: proof of full vaccination; a negative COVID-19 test result from on-site testing the day of the event (included in the in-person registration fee); and masks indoors. (Attendees are, of course, free to take off their masks outdoors, where most planned networking will occur, e.g. during lunch and the reception, while enjoying the gorgeous Rosewood grounds, or while poolside under the California sun!)

      Terms & Conditions apply.

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