TROPT Privacy Tech Leaders Summit 2023

TROPT Privacy Tech Leaders Summit 2023

Chaminade Resort & Spa

June 12, 2023

The TROPT Privacy Tech Leaders Summit 2023 is a moment of ignition for innovative privacy tech companies, investors, and domain experts. With a curated audience, a rigorous stage program, and illuminating in-person experiences, the event is designed to spark privacy innovation, privacy tech adoption, privacy engineering transformation, industry connection, and acceleration. 
We know attending the TROPT Privacy Tech Leaders Summit 2023 is an investment, and you can count on us to provide all kinds of openings for true human connection that drives acceleration and collaboration. And as you’ve come to expect from TROPT and our previous events, we’re putting together a stage program of the most exceptional quality, substance, and rigor.  

Apply for in-person attendance

June 1, 2023 – 1,999 USD

If you are a TROPT Innovators member, please check your email for special pricing at $399, a member-exclusive discount of $1,700 (or 80% off). A credit card is required to submit your application, but we will refund the charge if your application is not approved.

What to Expect

We’re curating the in-person event in a very specific way: select privacy tech key players in attendance will meet in Silicon Valley.

In-person attendees will be as distinguished as those on stage. We are working to strategically curate the in-person attendance in line with TROPT’s mission to fuel privacy tech and innovation, with the following desired audience make-up:

  • 65% Privacy domain leaders and privacy tech buyer-users (innovative CPOs, DPOs, privacy engineers, and leading privacy thinkers);
  • 15% Privacy tech startup founders and operators;
  • 10% Privacy tech investors;
  • 5% Privacy tech researchers & academics; and
  • 5% Privacy reporters and others.

Please give yourself time to thoughtfully reply to the application questions.  We anticipate you’ll want to set aside 20 minutes to complete.

All in-person applicants can expect to hear back from us on a rolling basis through May 20, 2023.

If your application is not approved, please do not feel discouraged. We’re curating for a very specific attendee composition in a location with limited capacity. There will be many other opportunities for TROPT to support you and for us to collaborate on fueling privacy innovation.

See Terms & Conditions.

I’m attending

We look forward to seeing you in-person at TROPT Privacy Tech Leaders Summit 2023! Book your room and share that you’re attending with the links below. 

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